Children under age 16 are allowed to festival only with parents or patrons who must provide written statement that they take all responsibility for their children's actions.

Adolescents aged 16-18 can participate with accompanying adult.

Free camping grounds will be located within festival territory.

Paid parking will also be available at the festival.

Single entry at the festival will be 15eur.

For those who don't want to pay, it is possible to park your car in Bauska. Nearest parking lot is ~ 300m away from the entrance of the festival

It is prohibited to enter the festival with any other drinks but water! All the prohibited liquids will be confiscated.

It is strictly prohibited to start a fire or grill within festival territory!


For 2021, festival lineup as in previous years, will include performances of both well-known and accomplished musicians as well as newer bands that could become a discovery for many attendees substantially expanding their musical horizons. In addition, festival program includes masterclasses of ancient crafts, lectures, experiments and other activities. Festival attendees will also be able to view the battle simulations presented by history reconstruction clubs and watch spectacular fire sculptures.

Festival ticket price includes access to the camping field inside the territory of the event. All necessary services including high-quality food, craft beer, refreshments and medical point will be available on site, and beaches in the Mūsa and Mēmele rivers will be available for everybody wishing to cool down.

General and internal rules of festival “Zobens un Lemess”:

  • Festival visitors are obliged to follow to all orders given by festival organisers and security staff, which concerns procedure of festival and provision of regulations, including those, which are not mentioned here but are shared at the time of festival. 
  • Festival visitors agree to being photographed or filmed. In this case picture of festival visitor will be used for advertising purposes without receiving compensation or copyright infringement.
  • In the territory of festival visitors may be subjected to personal verification and check of personal belongings and documents.
  • If the festival visitor does not comply to festival rules or any other order given by festival organisers or security staff, organisers or security staff have a right to ban the visitor from the territory of the festival and confiscate his festival wristband.

Festival tickets

In order to get into the territory of the festival, person is required to have a valid festival entry ticket. Every ticket, which is purchased via advanced sale, has an unique barcode. Only the first visitor, who has the original barcode on the ticket, will be allowed to enter the territory of the festival. By purchasing tickets via speculators, purchaser takes the risks concerning simultaneous use of original ticket and its duplicate. Festival organisers take no responsibility for falsified tickets and their abuse.

Festival wristbands

Before entering the territory of the festival, visitor in exchange for valid entry ticket will receive the festival wristband.

Only wristbands, which are put and strengthened around the wrist, are valid in order to enter and reside in the territory of the festival. Damaged, cut, sewn and glued wristbands are considered invalid and will be confiscated. Owners of such wristbands will not be allowed to enter the territory of the festival. Festival wristbands can be checked in the territory of the festival as well as before repeated entry in the territory. If the wristband is considered invalid or damaged, visitor will be immediately banned from the territory of the festival.

Festival visitors are allowed to reside only in those areas, which are intended for the visitors (except for special areas, where the special permission from the organisers is required.)

Festival visitors, which will enter the closed festival areas without special permission can be immediately banned from the territory of the festival as well as have their festival wristband confiscated.

It is forbidden in the festival territory to:

  • use open fire in the location not designated for that purpose (including grills, oil lamps, torches e.g.);
  • carry in, use, sell and store drugs and psychotropic substances;
  • carry in ANY KIND of drinks (except drinking water), weapons, explosives, knives, gas canisters and other means of self-defense, glass objects as well as other objects, which are seen as a threat to comfort, safety and health by organisers and security staff;
  • trade inside the territory of the festival without written permission issued by festival organisers;
  • advertise, offer or distribute any kind of product or service without written permission issued by festival organisers;
  • it is strictly prohibited for anyone, who is younger than 18 years old, to buy alcohol;
  • It is strictly prohibited for anyone, who is younger than 16 years old to reside in the territory of the festival between 22:00 and 8:00, if they are not accompanied by parents or any other adult;
  • put the safety, health and wellness of other visitors, staff and guest artists at risk with your behavior.
  • it is strictly prohibited to swim outside official swimming territory as well as swim at the nighttime.
  • it is strictly prohibited to damage the property which belongs to other visitors, organisers or to anyone, who resides in the territory of the festival.
  • it is strictly prohibited to ride a bicycle, scooter, motorcycle or use other means of transport.


Camping field is located inside the territory of the festival. In order to gain access to camping field, a festival wristband is required. Access to camping field is included in the festival ticket price.

Festival organisers do not take responsibility for:

  • injuries suffered by visitors at the time of festival;
  • damage of the personal belongings as well as lost or stolen stuff;
  • quality of the food, drinks and other products or services sold in the territory of the festival- service provider is responsible for that;
  • actions of the government institutions at the time and in the territory of the festival.

Festival organisers have a right to:

  • change the festival program without prior warning;
  • do not let in or ban visitors, whose behavior can disrupt festival or endanger the safety of other visitors, staff and guest artists;
  • refuse selling of alcoholic beverages to visitors, who are under the influence of alcohol and can endanger themselves or other visitors.

Useful advice

  • Prepare cash and cigarettes! Cigarettes will not be sold in the territory of the festival. Only cash will be accepted in the territory of the festival.
  • Wear clothes suitable for the weather! Do not forget to equip yourselves with mosquito repellent. In case you have a question or you are uncertain about something, turn to festival staff and they will help you!
  • Storage of objects and products at the security or festival organisers, which are not allowed in the territory of the festival, is not provided.
  • Organisers request to use garbage bins in order to avoid the littering of the festival territory! Use garbage bags in the camping field.
  • Organisers ask festival visitors not to disturb people, who live near to the territory of the festival, and not to wander at their property!
  • Festival organisers recommend not to carry in and leave expensive and valuable belongings at the territory of the festival and the tent town.
  • You can take with yourselves only well-trained and mentally stable dogs, if they have collar and muzzle. Owner takes full responsibility for his/her pet!
  • If you have lost your belongings or have found someone else`s, go to the information center!
  • If the adult looks younger than the child or child looks older than the adult, take your identity documents!
  • Be polite and tolerant against other festival visitors and respect their rights to enjoy this event too!

See you in the festival! 



Dear Friends, we don’t want to bother you by going into detail with all the problems posed by the restrictions related to Covid-19 that we as organisers of the festival have to deal with. However, we are happy to announce that the sixth edition of “Zobens un Lemess” festival will take place on August 20th and 21th, at the previous location, Bauska Hillfort park!
Public silence from “Zobens un Lemess” team’s side in fact meant an intensive search for solutions following the everchanging restrictions and considering different scenarios. We are thankful for your trust and patience!
The situation is still changing and unclear, and many restrictions will still be in place in August and we will have to adapt accordingly. Especially the border situation plays an important role in preventing us from creating an extensive and predictable international line-up.


Thanking our magnificent audience for your loyalty,
“Zobens un Lemess” festival team