“Zobens un Lemess” VI Festival:  Are You Ready to Meet in August?


These are dramatic times in Europe right now, and that goes also for entertainment. Summer festivals, concert tours and club gigs are getting canceled one after another.  Those certainly haven’t been easy decisions for our colleagues.

The emergency state in Latvia has been prolonged until May 12th. However, unpredicted changes and possible safety measures are still to be expected for weeks after the spread of Covid-19 is on a decline. The restrictions on public events will most probably still be in place for some time even after the emergency state is ended. It is also unclear when the borders could be opened to allow artists and festival-goers from abroad visit us. Pre-sale of “Zobens un Lemess 2020” festival tickets has ground to a complete halt. All the aforementioned circumstances clearly mean that “Zobens un Lemess 2020” cannot take place during the previously announced dates in June.

In light of this we would like to make an announcement regarding the outlook on the sixth edition of “Zobens un Lemess” festival, one we have arrived to after long and difficult search for the right solution that's acceptable for all those involved:

1.      We postpone the festival to August 7-8th. It is the only available weekend this summer. Important! The sixth edition of the festival will take place this summer only if it becomes clear soon enough that we are allowed and able to do it.

2.      If the circumstances won't allow it, once it becomes clear we will announce the postponing of the sixth edition of the festival till June 2021.

Unfortunately we are dependent on circumstances that are outside our reach, therefore if the situation returns to normal, a sufficient interest from public and ticket presales are still of utmost importance to allow the festival to take place in August.

We know, all of us are confused in this unclear situation, but we want you to be sure – your money isn't going anywhere and in the worst case scenario you will get full refund!

A large amount of work and other resources have already been invested into preparation for the festival; not every festival can afford to lose that, hence we have decided to try to take the only chance for this summer and reschedule the festival to 7th and 8th of August.

Why these exact dates? A successful run of the event depends on cooperation between many different involved parties, and there are lots of these in our festival – musicians, artists and the participants of the ancient village, equipment and its servicing team, security staff, food and drink vendors, countless technical staff and, of course, there's also the issue of availability of the venue and its personnel. Putting all this together, the only dates this summer that allow the festival to be organized properly are the aforementioned 7th and 8th of August.

Most of the previously announced bands have confirmed their readiness to perform on the new dates of the festival, and we will continue with constant updates on the situation and news.

Previously purchased tickets are still valid!



The top priority for the festival team is the health and safety of us all. Situation changes and possible safety measures could be expected also after gradual decline of the Covid-19 spread. Those depend on the actual conditions at the time and the corresponding decisions of state authorities.

Festival will take place on August 7th and 8th ONLY if by that time the situation concerning Covid-19 has returned to normal, the emergency state is canceled, restrictions on public events lifted or loosened enough for the event to happen, and life itself is back on track.

Otherwise we will announce the postponing of the sixth edition of the “Zobens un Lemess” festival till June 2021 and you will be able to get refund for your already bought tickets.

Good luck to all of us and meet you in Bauska!


Thanking our magnificent audience for your loyalty,

“Zobens un Lemess” festival team



The first bands announced:

The true, Христофор's (Krzysztof Drabikowski) BATUSHKA - Black Metal, PL

NOKTURNAL MORTUM - Symphonic Black / Folk Metal, UA
SKYFORGER - Pagan Folk Metal, LAT
KHORS - Heathen Dark Metal, UA
URSKUMUG - Death Black Metal, LAT
DOWNCROSS - Black Metal, BLR 
VERMILIA - Epic Scandinavian Pagan Metal, FI
 BESTIA- Pagan Black Metal, EE
VĖLIŲ NAMAI - Post Industrial / Dark Folk / Ritual Ambient, LT
LIETIS - Ethnic Rock, LT


Tickets are getting more expensive from May 15!

Important information!

Children aged 12 or less are allowed for free.

Tickets for children aged 13-16 are discounted 50%.

Children under age 16 are allowed to festival only with parents or patrons who must provide written statement that they take all responsibility for their children's actions.

Adolescents aged 16-18 can participate with accompanying adult.

Handicapped persons and pensioners are eligible for 50% discount.

Discounted tickets can only be purchased at the festival gates.

Free camping grounds will be located within festival territory.

Paid parking will also be available at the festival.

Single entry at the festival will be 10eur.

For those who don't want to pay, it is possible to park your car in Bauska. Nearest parking lot is ~ 300m away from the entrance of the festival

It is prohibited to enter the festival with any other drinks but water! All the prohibited liquids will be confiscated.

It is strictly prohibited to start a fire or grill within festival territory!


We are proud to announce that also next year festival “Zobens un Lemess” will take place in the city of Bauska at the picturesque park by the Bauska Castle!

The fifth edition of folk/pagan metal and ancient crafts festival “Zobens un Lemess” will await followers of heavy metal music and folk tradition enthusiasts 

on August 7-9, 2020 on the land strip between the rivers Mūsa and Mēmele, next to the Bauska Castle.

For 2020, festival lineup as in previous years, will include performances of both well-known and accomplished musicians as well as newer bands that could become a discovery for many attendees substantially expanding their musical horizons. In addition, festival program includes masterclasses of ancient crafts, lectures, experiments and other activities. Festival attendees will also be able to view the battle simulations presented by history reconstruction clubs and watch spectacular fire sculptures.

Festival ticket price includes access to the camping field inside the territory of the event. All necessary services including high-quality food, craft beer, refreshments and medical point will be available on site, and beaches in the Mūsa and Mēmele rivers will be available for everybody wishing to cool down.